Vedder River Fishing Report

As a fisherman in the lower mainland, we all know about the Vedder river. It’s not a secret and most fisherman know the times of the year to fish the Vedder river. I don’t think that our Vedder river fishing report updates are going to spoil your favorite fishing spot. This keeps with our commitment to you. We don’t want to spoil relatively unknown fishing spots because of our fishing reports.

With our Vedder river fishing report page, we want to inform you when the fishing is good. It’s about saving you time, money and disappointment. If you live in Vancouver do you really want to spend money on gas or an early fishing trip to the Vedder only to find that the fish aren’t there? Sure, fishing for enjoyment is what we all want and perhaps catching fish isn’t that important. If that’s you, then perhaps our Vedder river fishing report won’t be overly useful to you.

The Vedder river is a fantastic fishing opportunity throughout the year. In the fall, you can enjoy some amazing fishing for coho and chinook. If you’re looking to introduce somebody to fishing, the fall on the Vedder is the ultimate. You can’t help but catch a Chum. Sure they’re colored but if you’re new to fishing, that won’t matter. New fisherman need stimulation (fishing on line) and the Vedder river in the fall is just what the doctor ordered.

Since the Vedder river has a vast amount of water to fish, there are certain sections of the Vedder river that will have more fish than others. It’s our goal with our Vedder river fishing report to tell you which section of the river is producing the most fish. We hope that this type of fishing report on the Vedder can help spread out the fisherman because the fish are spread out and there is no need to all be fishing the same pocket of water on the Vedder river.

4 Responses to Vedder River Fishing Report

  1. alain savard says:

    hello i wanna know if the fishing for steelhead between the 1 to 5 of april on the vedder should be good and which portion should i fish

  2. Kyle lavoie says:

    I’m new at fishing and getting into it a lot. Your fishing report really makes it helpful and easy to really enjoy myself. No one wants to make a day out of it and not catch anything. Knowing the hot spots really helps. Thx!

  3. Judy Hovanes says:

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