Fishing For Pinks In BC

The pink salmon is the ugly duckling of the salmon species without question. If I said that I really enjoyed catching pinks and look forward to every second year when they are in big numbers, I think it’s safe to say that I would have few friends. The seas would part and I would be left alone enjoying those pinks! Or would I?

I’m interested in knowing your love or lack of love for the pinks of BC. I say pinks are underrated. Do they taste that bad? Sure they aren’t as red as your sockeye but ultimately to they really taste that bad? I bet you catch in the morning, cook it up for dinner and you have a pretty tasty meal. Surely it must be the taste right? Why do so many disregard the pink salmon of BC?

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BC Fishing – How To Stay Safe On The Water

If you’re like me, you often head up to Kamploops for trout fishing. Heck, if you go anywhere in BC fishing, you know the weather can be bad. It’s just that up in Kamloops the weather is a little bit more volatile when it comes to storms moving in and moving out quickly. I’m referring especially to lightning. Know what I’m talking about?

Sure, when you’re in a boat on a lake waving a fishing rod that can’t be good if there is thunder or lightening around. Just think of the classic golfer being a lightning rod. Well same thing on a lake. Sure you might be well informed or smarter than me and others, but I think this article regarding staying same from lightening is a good read. I highly recommend it. Do you know how many people get hit by lightening every year? It happens a lot more than you think and it’s not a one in a million shot especially if you aren’t playing it safe.

Here is a link to the Government of Canada lightning safey page.

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Best BC Fishing Spots For Kids

I recently watched a couple video showing the stocking efforts here in the lower mainland BC. It was a bit surprising and honestly was pretty cool. We are talking about lakes surrounded by houses and not so much trees. Are these glorified fish ponds at a circus? Perhaps, but who cares? I remember catching small trout when I was a kid. That bobber and worm sitting there, then a slight dip and then disappearing under the water. I still remember how fun that was even though they were small trout. Small trout just like in these lower mainland BC lakes, but still very enjoyable.

So if you have kids, do you have any BC fishing spots to share? Not the trophy sized trout, but just plentiful trout that keep the kids busy and happy. I haven’t checked the regs, but can kids use worms on any of these local Vancouver lakes? I’m curious to know. I’ve been asked about fun lakes for kids so why not help me out?

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Kamloops Fishing – BC Fishing – Trout Stories

It’s about that time of year when I typically make that call to Roche Lake and book a cabin. Looks like this year I make have to take a pass. Without a doubt it’s the one time of the year I look forward to the most. As spring arrives I can say my BC trout fishing juices start flowing. Not sure how I’ll manage without Kamloops fishing this year. I’m not sure if I can hold out to be honest. I’m good for at least one, sometimes two full on Kamloops fishing trips a year. I wish I could do more and at some point it will increase for sure.

Yes that photo above is from one of my many Roche Lake fishing trips. Some great trips there and some not so great trips there. This particular trout was certainly full of beans. We have a section of the lake to ourselves and the sucker couldn’t resist what I was serving up. Just in case you were wondering it was one of those cold and rainy early spring Kamloops trout fishing experiences. Nothing but great memories.

So what are your BC trout fishing traditions? I bet a lot of you get out to Kamloops lakes if you live in the lower mainland. Once you’ve hooked into a beauty of a rainbow from the Kamloops area I bet you’re hooked for life. I know that I am.

So where are you going? How many times do you get from the lower mainland up to Kamloops to fish trout? Are you a spring trout fisherman or a fall trout fisherman?

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Steelhead Fishing In British Columbia

Photo By: Laszlo Ilyes

One of my favorite fish to catch in British Columbia is or at least was the steelhead. The odd thing is, I haven’t bought my steelhead license the past few years. I think this came down to the cost of the darn thing and the number of steelheading trips I would make in a year. Not to mention the futility of actually not catching anything on 90% of my fishing trips! But yes fishing is not always about catching.

I’m curious if you are an active BC steelhead fisherman. I’m sure some of the activity is related to whether you have responsibilities that you brought on like young children, but I’m looking to get “juiced” about steelheading in British Columbia. Not sure if I need to fire up the ‘ol VHS and watch Pendlington on the Stamp or what the answer is.

I bring up this discussion because it’s in the air for me. As we approach March I know that some of my best BC fishing memories come right around this time. I just haven’t found the time to get out there and I have no real explanation for that. No, I don’t have the Stamp river in my backyard, but there are options for me within a 30 minute drive. No excuses. Part of me wonders when I go back to my old fishing holes whether there will be steelhead sitting there waiting to be caught like in years past.

How have you found BC fishing for steelhead over the past few years? Still hard to catch? Fewer number? More numbers? Given up temporarily?

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BC Fishing Television – Your Favorite Fisherman and Shows Are?

To me, there are 2 main players in the BC fishing television market. Okay, you can throw SFOTF in there also, but for me, it’s between Gary Cooper and Mark Pendlington. You really couldn’t find two different personalities could you? Old school vs. new school.

For me, the king of BC fishing television shows has to be Mark Pendlington and Sportfishing BC. He filled a void in the BC fishing television market. For the most part you had Gary Cooper or nothing. Sure I’m going back a few years, but for a long time you simply couldn’t find a fishing show in BC that featured fishing that you really wanted to see. Trolling for salmon isn’t overly exciting after the first few minutes. Sportfishing BC was fresh and new. Steelhead BC rivers? Yes! The top guides showed Mark amazing spots and some amazing footage over the years. Sure my buddy had some issues with Mark Pendlington but hey, he was learning how to fish and happened to be on TV while doing it.

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BC Fishing and the Treble Hook

When is the last time you bought yourself the classic buzz bomb? I say I’m pretty much doing that every season that the pinks are running. As a result of this bi-yearly ritual, I have created a mass collection of treble hooks. Remember those? Remember what those look like? Beastly. Shocking. So unfair.

It’s ironic they include “catches all fish” on the packaging. Yeah no kidding! Treble hooks catch everything and anything don’t they? Just run it through the water and you will catch tails, fins, backs, eyes, and yes, sometimes even the mouth. Heck I’m not pointing fingers here. Put that treble on there and certainly it catches all fish!

I wonder at what point the classic buzz bomb will ship with a single barb instead of the mouth wrenching triple barb unit. Personally, I think the single barb is way too unfair. I think back to the classic treble and hooking into black bass off the local dock. Once in a while we would get a chuckle out of a closed yap hook up. You know the ones. All three prongs hooked up and giving that poor bass a case of lock jaw.

I wonder though if we will ever see the day of treble hooks again. Are the manufacturers trying to hold onto their old school mentality? Or are they throwing us all into temptation to break the rules and fish unfairly? I know I’ve still seen and found enough treble hooks attached to buzz bombs to know that not everyone out there understands the regulations.

So what say you? Do you ever sneak one of those treble hooks onto that buzz bomb? Do you think treble hooks should be banned forever and never see the light of day? Do you think treble hooks are the way it was meant to be? You know, man, the top of the food chain. Giving the fish every chance to escape is hardly what fishing is about right?

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BC Fishing Stories – Your First Steelhead

I’m not an old timer, but lets say middle aged. Since this website is all about BC fishing I thought it might be fun to have some fishing stories. I might be a chance for you to remember some of those real beauties that you’ve caught in your lifetime. Please share those! For this story, it’s all about your first steelhead.

No doubt the BC steelhead is majestic and mysterious. When you’re a young fisherman who barely knows the knots, catching one of the more rare BC fish is a feat in itself. People always talk about years of fishing BC rivers before hooking and landing a steelhead.

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BC Fishing Reports – Officially Launching Soon!

Welcome to our new BC fishing reports website. We are just getting organized here and we haven’t quite hit our official launch quite yet.

We aren’t going to be a spoiler type BC fishing reports site. We don’t want to uncover those special fishing holes that you and a few other people know about. Nope. Our purpose will be to report on when and where the fish are. We are an official BC fish tracker. It’s like you know the fish are coming to the Fraser. We know it and it’s no secret. What we plan on doing though, is saving you gas and time by reporting if in fact there are fish being caught or if it’s too early to be fishing in certain areas.

So you wanna know where to fish in BC? Don’t we all! Here’s the dilemma. How do you know what to trust and how up to date are the reports? We have one goal. We want to be your #1 source for BC fishing reports. Accurate and updated resources that you can use before you head out fishing here in BC.

Like most BC fishing reports, we will break the reports into the popular fishing locations like Vancouver Island, Lower Mainland, Fraser Valley, Okanagan, Queen Charlottes and Northern BC. We will be looking for guides and fishing experts who know those various areas in BC so you can get accurate and reliable fishing reports.

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