Kamloops Fishing Report

Welcome to our Kamloops fishing report page. Our website is all about BC fishing reports and a popular choice for BC fisherman is the interior or Kamloops area. It has been said that once you catch your first Kamloops trout, and we’re talking a real hog, you will be returning to Kamloops lakes for life. I know that certainly is the case for me.

Kamloops fishing is paradise for the fly fisherman. Amazing selection of lakes and even more amazing trout to catch. Airborne and feisty is what most fisherman say about their catches on the various Kamloops lakes. There is an abundance of selection of lakes so when you’re looking at Kamloops fishing reports, it’s important to look at lake elevations. That way you can certainly get an idea of how your lake of choice is producing.

Our website will indeed offer you updated kamloops fishing reports. The most popular lakes will be covered and reports will include what are productive fly patterns to use and also the lake conditions such as ice on or ice off and turnover. It’s also helpful to know when certain Kamploops lakes have turned off for the summer.

Check back with us for updated Kamloops fishing report details.

7 Responses to Kamloops Fishing Report

  1. Alisdair Mair says:

    Hopefully coming back over to Canada late june enjoyed Manitoba National so much two years ago do you have any info on what fly paterns work as I will have to tie up a barbless selection both for myself and silent auction .

  2. “Kamloops Fishing Report | BC Fishing Reports” was in fact seriously enjoyable
    and informative! In todays world that’s really difficult
    to carry out. Many thanks, Gino

  3. redsyas says:

    http://www.bcfishingreports.ca/fraser-river-fishing-report/.im looking for full report for this time of year on rivers and lakes near kam. thnkyou

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  5. Kevin says:

    wheres the updated reports??????? or even an actual fishing report? I can’t seem to find any

  6. Mike says:

    Fishing slow everywhere this time of year. Was at Red lake, managed 2 nice ones and 3 little ones. Not much biting however. Stump lake I fished north side, didn’t see a fish. Rose lake, caught a few small rainbows about 1 to 1.5 lbs in about 4 hours; not much biting there either. Isobel, we had 3 bites between 4 of us one afternoon. All around slow, not early December anymore 🙁

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