Fraser River Fishing Report

Welcome to our landing page for Fraser river fishing report updates! Expect our site to supply you with the latest and greatest fishing reports for the Fraser river.

We think in a lot of ways, the photo above encapsulates what Fraser river fishing is all about. Fishing from a chair, having a cold beverage and yes, even catching the occasional hog. By the looks of it in this photo, these lucky guys have hooked one of the monster chinooks on the Fraser river.

The Fraser river is mighty. The Fraser river is one of the biggest salmon rivers in the world. There are many many opportunities to catch all species of salmon and of course sturgeon also. The controversial (in some fisherman’s opinion) sockeye runs are famous or infamous for the BC fisherman. Crowds are part of the experience and a relaxing day on the river isn’t what you can expect when bottom bouncing for the sockeye salmon on the Fraser. Your best bet is to get a guide or get a boat and park yourself on one of the many islands on the Fraser river and have the beach to yourself.

Fraser river fishing report updates will include openings and closures during the sockeye salmon runs. It can be confusing for the average fisherman from BC and we plan on simplifying the information so you can understand when and where you can legally fish for the sockeye on the Fraser river.

There are many times of the year when you will want Fraser river fishing report updates. The bottom line is that we will tell you when there are conditions favorable for catching fish on the Fraser. We will also tell you when people are catching fish like the early runs of Chinooks.

Stay tuned for our regular Fraser river fishing report updates!

4 Responses to Fraser River Fishing Report

  1. Edwin Feller says:

    When are King’s expected?

    • Shawn says:

      Stop calling them kings!
      Correctly call them chinook or at least call them springs.. If they’re over 30 lbs call them tyee.
      Please show some respect for our waters and fellow canadians

      • peter james says:

        I still call the bottom feeders squaw fish even if they try to change the name they still are what they are. The King salmon is and always will be the King of salmon and nothing wrong with calling them that. If you really want to be picky why don`t you call them by there latin or scientific name? If you think calling a fish a name disrespect’s Canadians you need help.

  2. Smokey says:

    Good work Shawn yeaaaaaaaaa .
    I agree with you 100 percent.If you want to fish kings stay in the usa
    respect the Canadian sportsman.

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