Our goals are to be your first choice for getting accurate and upated BC fishing reports. In doing so, our commitment is to not spoil or ruin those best kept secrets or those times when you have peace and quiet on your favorite fishing hole. We will update and report on the popular fishing areas of BC without getting overly specific.

Our reasoning and style of BC fishing reports is to save you time, money and disappointment. Most people prefer to catch fish. Most people don’t want to drive out to a river only to find that it’s high and blown out. Most people don’t want to drive for an hour or two without a good reason. Gas is expensive and wouldn’t you rather focus time, effort and money on fishing areas where it’s worthwhile? We think so and we hope you appreciate our perspective and goals in launching our BC fishing reports website.

About Me:

I’ve been an avid fisherman in British Columbia for somewhere around 40 years. I’ve been lucky to live in small towns in Northern BC where there was amazing salt water fishing. After moving to the lower mainland, I’ve spent a lot more time fishing for those Kamploop’s hogs. In my time I’ve been part owner of a charter fishing business but now I’m just a recreational fisherman.

I’m not big on finger pointing or debating ethics and fishing. I’m slightly “old school” in that regard. You like to eat fish? Have at ‘er. You won’t see me beating any drums other than to say just STFU and fish. Have a great day everyone!

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