Capilano River Fishing Report – September 25, 2011

The next two days the low tide is relatively good for this time of year. Of course not excellent but you can get to the big island if you’re doing some Capilano beach fishing.

The day was a bit wet, a bit windy, but scenic none the less. Of course this is a fishing report so let me break it to you.

As with last week, I saw no schools of fish milling about. What I did see where about 4 to 5 seals in and around the river mouth at all times during my couple hours today. I saw no native fisherman on the opposite side of the Capilano river mouth. I would be accurate to say I saw at most 10 fish jumping in about 2 hours. I didn’t see anything for the first hour! That is discouraging to me. Seals, but no fish? I’ve said it before but I haven’t seen seals in the river like I have this year. They are scouring all the waters around the mouth like I haven’t seen in years past.

There were a number of fisherman this morning but I didn’t see anyone catch a fish. Again, there weren’t fish jumping or showing. Usually native fisherman indicate that the fish are around. Sure the weather wasn’t ideal, but I’m sure they would have been fishing if there were any salmon around.

So right now I don’t know if it’s worthwhile going down to fish the Capilano river mouth. I’m inclined to throw in the towel for the year down there and head to the Vedder river instead. I’m not trying to be a downer, I’m just reporting what I saw down there. I have been expecting to get into some pinks at the very least but I’m not seeing any schools. Are they in the river already? Perhaps.

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