Capilano River Fishing Report – September 15, 2011

If you’re still waiting for great news about the beach fishing at the Capilano river, sorry I don’t have any. But still read on!

A few natives were on the other side but they weren’t doing very much casting at all. The tide wasn’t great and I was down there as the tide was heading out. The low tide was not low at all but allowed for enough beach to cast into decent water. Only one other fisherman who showed up only to make a few casts. Pretty much myself in the area which may be another indicator of how the fishing has been going.

Were there fishing jumping? Yes, but way out. The only jumper I saw in shallow was a misnomer because shortly after the jump I saw the seal surface. That explains the odd area where the jumper was.

So what’s down there at the Capilano mouth right now? Seals. In shallow and in almost up to the train bridge. That puts a real damper on things that’s for sure. Think those are schools of fish moving around? Tempted to cast? Every time today was just a seal near the surface causing ripples. Honestly seeing 3 or 4 seals in that area at one time is something that I haven’t seen before. I’m not blaming them for the slow action and lack of fish, but certainly it may be contributing to it.

I will keep heading down to hopefully get into some fish. It’s mid September and I know the best days are still ahead. Where are the pinks? That’s what I’m asking. I know they may be out along Ambleside, but surely there should be some fishing showing in along the mouth of the river.

Stay tuned, as Arnie says, I’ll be back.

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