Capilano River Fishing Report – September 11, 2011

I spent a few hours at the Capilano river mouth today. The tide was in the process of going out and I stayed until the turning of the tide. Certainly not a very low tide, but low enough that a few people showed up to fish the beach area.

First observation was the native fisherman. Must be fish here! Sure there were lots of fish jumping around the Capilano river mouth and area. The problem was that no fish were biting and I didn’t see any of my fellow fisherman catch anything this morning.

I did notice the typical seals in the area and they did their job of spooking the salmon and causing many of them to jump. A salmon isn’t going to bite your lure when they are just trying to run away from a pursuing seal. I like to cast at jumping salmon but I was realizing the jumping was being done as a survival instinct.

I did talk to another fisherman this morning who said yesterday a few fish were caught. He also mentioned there were more fish around the previous day.

If you go to the Capilano river mouth just expect to see a good number of jumping salmon, but you shouldn’t expect to get your limit. Some real experienced beach fisherman didn’t have any luck and for sure those fish saw those lures.

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