Capilano River Fishing Report – August 22, 2011

I spend a good hour down at the mouth of the Capilano river today. The tide was medium and coming in. With all the rain today the water was really pumping down the river into the mouth.

I have a good eye for the water so you should be able to trust what I’m telling you. I saw only one other sports fisherman who showed up as I was leaving. I saw 2 native fisherman across the mouth and they both took off after about 30 minutes. These are indicators of how the fishing is.

What I saw was next to nothing. I would say that I say perhaps a handful of fishing grazing the surface. And even those were sketchy. I saw some, but not enough to get me casting a line for them. No jumpers, no finners.

It’s a bit discouraging, but this seems to be a result of the wet summer and the high Capilano river levels. I would suspect that the coho have made their way into the river system. There simply aren’t the numbers of schools milling around the mouth that I’m used to seeing. I won’t be back there for 6 or 7 days from now. Trust me, I didn’t see any jumpers and for this time of year, that’s discouraging.

Stay tuned for the next Capilano river fishing report!

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