Where are the BC salmon going? Another theory emerges

There was an interesting story in the Globe and Mail yesterday about the disappearing BC salmon. You know, another theory as to where the salmon of British Columbia are dying. It’s been years and years the discussion around the low salmon returns in BC. Always finger pointing and it’s been a big unknown. Recently there was a story about the adipose fin removal and the effect that has on salmon trying to swim. It hinders the salmon in a big way when they don’t have the adipose fin. So yesterday I read of another theory.

This theory involves massive toxic algae that covers a massive amount of space in the ocean. It can last weeks and it’s been an issue in other countries around the world. It is a proven fact that salmon and fish who travel through these toxic algae blooms are affected. These blooms can take up to 30,000 square kilometers at a time!

It’s still early but according to the story, DFO was notified of this issue a while ago and essentially disregarded it. I think that is about to change. Scientists can’t say for certain the effect directly these toxic algae have, but they suggest that any salmon or fish dying in the ocean would simply sink to the bottom of the ocean. In other words, this is a theory at this point. Hopefully DFO will take this seriously and we can get some more scientific studies.

Can anything be done about the toxic algae? Not sure. This isn’t a solution discussion it’s a culprit discussion I suppose.

[Original Story at GlobeandMail.com]

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