BC Pink Salmon Fishing Reports – Cates Park

Update: August 14, 2011 – Was there for another visit to see if pink have shown up and once again, disappointment. Not a fisherman nor a fish showing.

It’s that time of year when you need to start thinking about fishing for pinks if you’re so inclined. I’ve posted previously that the BC pink salmon is a true underdog yet they provide great action. Perhaps getting skunked is more enjoyable than landing a couple pinks? Not in my books.

With that said, let’s start talking BC pink salmon fishing reports. I can report back about Cates Park that there are no fish there at this time. I spent about an hour studying the water and my eagle eyes didn’t spot anything. I was there on the rising tide, but if anything was there I would have at least seen something. Sadly I didn’t! So you can save your gas and time for now.

I will say about Cates Park that two years ago was a real disappointment. I’ve enjoyed decent pink salmon fishing there in the past, however in the last cycle they didn’t stop at the beach or pass the beaches at Cates Park. Very disappointing and wasted gas, time and money! I did hear from others, not verified, that from time to time the pink salmon don’t come on the Cates Park side. Hard to argue that as nothing was there to catch two years ago.

I will update this post as pinks start showing at Cates Park. Or should I say “if” they show up at all this year.

(photo: Clive C)

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2 Responses to BC Pink Salmon Fishing Reports – Cates Park

  1. Chris says:

    although cates sucked last time, Seymour had a decent return with lots of visible fish and 2-3 seals could be spotted under the dollarton bridge on a daily basis, this year seals have been spotted up river of the parkway bridge indicating the fish are most likely starting to show up in the seymour.

  2. admin says:

    Thanks for your comment. That’s good news if fish are starting to show up at the Seymour. It’s been a couple runs since I’ve spent time at the mouth of the Seymour. A little cramped, but might be worth another look.

    BTW, I have my ear to the ground regarding Cates Park and the pinks. I hope to have an update before this weekend.

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