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BC Fishing Television – Your Favorite Fisherman and Shows Are?

To me, there are 2 main players in the BC fishing television market. Okay, you can throw SFOTF in there also, but for me, it’s between Gary Cooper and Mark Pendlington. You really couldn’t find two different personalities could you? … Continue reading

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BC Fishing and the Treble Hook

When is the last time you bought yourself the classic buzz bomb? I say I’m pretty much doing that every season that the pinks are running. As a result of this bi-yearly ritual, I have created a mass collection of … Continue reading

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BC Fishing Stories – Your First Steelhead

I’m not an old timer, but lets say middle aged. Since this website is all about BC fishing I thought it might be fun to have some fishing stories. I might be a chance for you to remember some of … Continue reading

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